Our Service Offering

Using the versatility of our Epoxy Resin system, we are able to offer the following products:

Decorative Resin Floors

Cheshire Resin Art can create any style of seamless flooring using epoxy resin. Marble effect patterning is a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Epoxy Resin flooring systems are ideally suited for home and commercial environments such as restaurant and bar areas, warehouses, showrooms, private houses, villas and many other areas where a hard-wearing, attractive and customised floor finish is required.

Because of the unlimited colour choices, style flooring can be designed as you like to create artistic free form, intricate designs to suit any décor. Epoxy Resin is the ideal product to use in any situation when you need a highly durable and polished seamless finish.


Decorative Walls / Splashbacks

Say goodbye to cleaning grout lines and boring single piece shower walls. Epoxy shower walls are low maintenance and beautiful way to refinish your bath or shower surround. Because an epoxy resin wall treatment will be completely seamless and waterproof, you will not have to worry about any water damage, and cleaning will be easier than ever.  

This product is ideal for bath surrounds, backsplashes, kitchen & bathroom walls, entryways, decorative residential or commercial walls. No need for demolition; leave existing walls, tile, brick or plaster.



Decorative Worktops

Cheshire Resin Art offers a simple system for worktop resurfacing or for creating new installations. We can cover new or existing worktops such as MDF, laminates, tiled, granite, wood and much more, to create a beautiful lifetime surface.

An epoxy resin worktop is both heat resistant and UV resistant, recommended for indoor or outdoor use. Our product will last a lifetime without peeling, breaking, scratching or fading.